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A Celebration of Texas Czech Heritage Month

This panel program addresses story of the Czechs who came to Texas as early as 1851 and their incredible influences on Texas past, present, and future. 

Watch the panel program by clicking the play button. You can also learn more about the event at 

Symbols of the Habsburg Monarchy in the Czech(oslovak)

Dr. Ivan Puš, a historian from Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic speaks to the Bexar County Czech Heritage Society in an online event: Symbols of the Habsburg Monarchy in the Czech(oslovak) Republic. Dr. Puš discusses the language and ethnic issues in Cisleithania, the education and political system in the Hapsburg monarchy and then in the new republic.

Oplatky Wafers Video

Watch how the traditional Oplatky wafers are being made. Recipe included.


How does a pastry from central Europe become a Texan favorite? This video explains how the kolache came to Texas, was preserved as a part of the Czech experience here and how it changed into something uniquely Texan.


Czech Events

More information is coming soon.

Czech Recipes

More information is coming soon.

Image by Karolina Kołodziejczak
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